iGeoTrack driver identification system offers companies greater insight into the status
and whereabouts of mobile employees historically or in real-time by allowing visibility
and reporting by driver as well as by vehicle. The solution is particularly suited to
usinesses that operate a pool of fleet vehicles across multiple employees.

With iButton driver identification system it is possible to separate driver and vehicle data
to better understanding the movements and actions of individual driver, whatever vehicle
they are operating. The solution allows companies to identify which driver is operating
a vehicle at all times and report on all of the vehicles which have been operated by a
particular driver.

Drivers can be identified via a number of methods to provide highly accurate data for
all movements. The most popular is iButton or RFID tags. It is also possible to allocate
drivers manually to vehicle using the iGeoTrack system.

Companies can now gain all the benefits of the Driver ID system without the
added administration and cost of managing multiple identification tags and processes.

Thank you for using iGeoTrack.

Posted in TECH NEWS on Nov 12, 2015


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