SOFTDATOR, the world’s premium GPS tracking software developers, comes iGeoTrack!

iGeoTrack is a full-featured and powerful mobile application for vehicle tracking and fleet
management requirements.

SOFTDATOR SOLUTIONS provides a complete live fleet and asset tracking services, including GPS
device installation, fleet management & maintenance software, car fuel control, vehicle
geo-location and driver behavior monitoring.

Along with our general post purchase services SOFTDATOR provides businesses with an optional
data review and summary service, along with designated driver training for maximum employee

This application is compatible with all types of vehicles and helps different business
industries such as transportation, construction, oil/gas, and heavy manufacturers. Not only is
this system a great assistant in regard to larger companies, It is tailored to catered to
small and medium businesses as well, making the perfect solution for any industry.

These following features will be found on application:

  • Real time monitoring on maps / GPS positioning
  • Trip summary and advanced trip details
  • Idle, speeding as well as other harsh driving notification.
  • Drive history and reports
  • User friendly interface

Customer benefits:

  • Reduction of fleet operational cost
  • Cut down on vehicle fuel consumption
  • Increase driver performance
  • Awareness of your fleet’s location and activity
  • Theft prevention

To start enjoy iGeoTrack software you shall contact our office to set up your account.

If you want to register your business with iGeoTrack or for more information about the product
please visit our website

Posted in NEWS on Jul 28, 2016


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