About our Company

Software development, GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions, security devices and solutions.


Highly certified engineers and business developers from Europe creating innovative IT products and solutions services to various industrial clients worldwide. We focus on innovative products and solutions that maximize add-on value, help businesses and individuals optimize day-to-day management process.

Our team consists of highly qualified, passionate, honest and hardworking professionals ready to innovate, pioneer the greatest ideas and high quality service for our clients.


Hard work

1% inspiration and 99% of perspiration.


‘SOFTDATOR’ is about making the best, not the most.


Our engine and the reason to work.



Help all kind of businesses manage their resources with world’s best technology. Serve all of you with passion, discipline and integrity.


Believing in people is very important for life. We welcome hardworking, visionary and dreaming professionals to work and create worlds first–class technology.


Everyday we have to grow. Learning from our challenges, executing every opportunity and most importantly giving it all to society. It's todays work creates a better tomorrow.

Every day,

leave the world better place

before the sun goes down...

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