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SOFTDATOR providing iGeoTrack GPS tracking software that can be customized according customer needs

Software Development is original activity of SOFTDATOR Co, we are committed to consult on marketing, design the ideas, develop and manage various Software Solutions.

Dubai Smart Government is the great example how the intellectual asset can optimize the city with at least 2 million population with one of the busiest traffic, world’s largest port and the largest airport in one place. Everyday, we analyse the market trying to find a solution and help people to optimise their day to day work. During last 6 years we’ve been working with many companies, governments and international corporations to execute a right software solution. Throw out the years we saw many companies and we have learned that only technology advanced company has a growth potential and we are ready to help you now.

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Custom development

The Sustainable City is a modern application of social, economic and environmental sustainability in the built environment. Achieved through innovative design, stakeholder engagement and future monitoring to sustain itself. The first operational Net Zero Energy city in Dubai, and is modeled to become an international showcase for sustainable living, work, education, and recreation.

For more information about The Sustainable City please check on official DIAMOND DEVELOPERS website

Mobility inside The Sustainable City supports Dubai’s low-carbon economic drive. The Sustainable City encourages its residents to rely less on motorised transport and more on solar-powered means of mobility in addition to walking and bicycling which are fully integrated into the master planning of the community.

SOFTDATOR main goal was to create unique electric car monitoring and control system. "iGeoTrack" GPS tracking system allows to control car usage per month per villa. Every resident has driving license which allows to drive electric cars. To drive it, resident must put card in special slot to activate car engine. iGeoTrack understand when electric car is inside charging area and gives signal to resident that he can end his trip. If residents are parking cars in prohibited areas, or areas that are not marked as "charging station", then fines can be applied. In addition to that system blocks electric car if it is going out to main road.

Custom development

Another part of solution was to maintain residents cards lists remotelly. iGeoTrack system is able to change configuration of GPS controller remotelly without accessing electric vehicle. This gave possibility to control residents access to car remotelly in timely manner.

There was challange to get electric car battery status, however SOFTDATOR experienced engineers linked vehicle controller with iGeoTrack GPS tracking device to get battery level.

"iGeoTrack" system was customized for The Sustainable City to fullfill all the requirements. Additional development was done to deliver new reports, notification module and vehicle battery charging status tracking.


iGeoTrack solution for International Oil and Gas Company

Custom development

SOFTDATOR SOLUTIONS designed and developed very unique iGeoTrack system to monitor and track vessels and assets anywhere in the world. Solution works with very specific satellite tracking device which do not require GSM coverage and can operate in any places where GSM is not available, such as deserts, offshores, seas, oceans and mountains. GPS device can operate on internal battery for up to 5 years.

Solution was developed according to requirements of international oil company that operates in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Tracking devices were installed on drilling equipment, pumps, artificial lifts, pipe handling equipment, tanks and vessels.

Solution provides possibility not only to track location history or geo-fencing, but also to identify what equipment is loaded on tankers or vessels, to what project or company equipment were rented for, what was the usage of equipment, traveled distance, equipment items on the vessel board.

iGeoTrack vessels and assets tracking system can be used to track any on land or water moving or non-moving objects, such as containers, generators, cranes, forklifts, agriculture machinery, yachts, boats etc. Assets monitoring helps business to manage and control equipment, prevent improper usage, prolong lifetime, inventorize equipment, identify location and traveling history and estimate delivery timing.

Custom development

Custom development

Additionally, SOFTDATOR can provide professional container tracker that can be integrated with multiple sensors to provide reliable and accurate information about temperature, humidity and light conditions surrounding the contents of the container. Tracker has built-in accelerometer that can inform about changes in movement or attempting to break-in.

To prevent such break-ins SOFTDATOR proud to present unique and revolutionary container security solution – container padlock and an electronic alarm system “WatchLock”. It tracks location and sends an alert if there has been a deviation from a pre-set route ir time schedule, so is ideal for companies looking to protect their goods in transit or can be used for insurance purposes.

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