GPS vehicle tracking
made easy

Real-time tracking, Fuel consumption calculation & History and reports


Get overall view on the fleet performance in the most easiest way. By viewing dashboard graphs you can easily determine the weak points of daily operations, quickly improve fleet performance and reduce operational expenses.


You will get live location of each vehicle along with online notifications and alerts. Live tracking allows easily to find trip start and stop time and location of each driver, distance traveled, get speeding and harsh driving alers.



You can draw a zone and setup an alert when driver enters or leaves zone. By creating multiple zones you can control status of your deliveries, monitor if your sales team is visiting your customers, count trips from loading point to offloading.


Get up to 1 year history reports. There are plenty of amazing reports including idle report, fuel consumption, fuel level, cargo temperature, daily reports, weekly and monthly summary reports and other that definitely will meet your expectations.

anytime, anywhere

iGeotrack perfectly works on various
platforms, including mobile and desktop.

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