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Yes. iGeoTrack is online web based software, application that has no access limitation worldwide. To enter iGeoTrack account is as simple as ‘Gmail’, ‘Yahoo’ or ‘Facebook’ accounts. All you need is your username and password that you will be provided by our company. .
Depending on your iGeoTrack plan you can track your vehicle location, speed, odometer, trip details, violation alerts and reports. You may also track driver performance level, create work zones, points of interests and use different extra accessories like fuel sensor, driver identification, etc.. To find more, please visit our solutions page iGeoTrack or contact our sales team for demonstration meeting.
Yes. By the type and category of your vehicle our engineers will recommend you the right fuel tracking solution.
The largest benefit is the time you will save, as you won’t need to call driver every time when his location is required. Therefore, driver also improves his behavior when he knows his daily work is being monitored. The second largest benefit is fuel saved. You may save 10-30% on your monthly fuel bills by reducing fleet idle time, optimizing routes, and cutting down misuse of vehicles for personal matters. Thirdly, properly maintained vehicle increases it's lifetime by 25%. By means, the same investment to your fleet will deliver same profit longer as vehicle stays in a proper shape at least 2-5 years extra. Finally there are more customized benefits based on your activity, you can get more details by contacting one of our professionals.
Depends on many aspects. Coming from Europe, we have found many same aged vehicles look worse than in EU/US, where weather is much unlike friendly (rain, winter, salt) comparing to Middle East. When we started the implementation of tracking system we found drivers idling around 1-3 hours every day, working for 2-3 days without giving any break to engine, reckless driving, misuse of vehicle for personal matters and sometimes in many other ways. And it all costs a lot of money to company as it buys new car/truck for at least 10 years investment however sadly in many cases the fleet becomes in dangerous shape within 5 years of usage, requiring general maintenance. As the result company loses 25-40% of fleet investment. And here iGeoTrack solution helps clients not only to monitor the usage but to evaluate the usage, efficiency tack maintenance and service costs. Compare drivers, technical status and service costs of vehicles as well. .
Yes. You can customize daily, weekly, monthly reports by the need of you or your management and the application will generate it. Again you don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing fleet results and reports to your management or other departments; iGeoTrack will do it for you.
In functionality, features and size and scale of reports. iGeoTrack is a budget solution to small, companies with limited requirements. iGeoTrack+ is for those who needs to generate more information like exact fuel consumption usage, evaluate driver performance. While iGeoTrack pro we recommend for big transporters and industries with large scale of reports requirements; including vehicle computer’s data transfer directly to your PC, large fleet maintenance module, first level operational support etc. By the way, it is not necessary to spend the most to get more. It depends on your business nature, operational size, budget, and investment determination. Being a small sized company with limited budget you will be advised with iGeoTrack. IT advanced businesses prefers iGeoTrack+, to large operational companied we recommend iGeoTrack pro. You can contact our professionals and we will recommend the best for You! .

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