Cost effective fuel management

Our iGeoTrack system will help you save
up to 25% of fuel in the first year.

Fuel management system benefits

iGeoTrack system is a cost effective fuel management solution. This solution helps you save up to 25% of fuel consumption.

Visual reports and fuel consumption formulas help you to control and monitor your fleet fuel consumption and manage resources effectively.

Fuel consumption drop with our iGeoTrack system


  • Digital, analog and ultrasonic fuel level sensors
  • Differential & autonomous fuel flow meters
  • Flow meters with pulse interface
  • Fuel consumption indicators and summators
Fuel consumption chart

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Softdator fleet management solution with basic features and benefits, common among small and medium companies with limited fleet management requirements as wells as private individuals seeking to track their own family cars.

The module consists of basic package of functions such as fleet live tracking, instant alerts of speeding, idling, zone or shift violations sent to client via SMS or email. Reports can also be found on your software account, saved and reported to other departments. You will see whole of your fleets in one screen.

Helping you to find a right information Softdator fleet management solution also has an intelligent and user friendly dashboard module.

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